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Stephanie Laidlaw

A Suggestion For You

Stephanie is your ally for better mental health! If you are struggling with any of the following mental health issues: Broken Sleep, Emotional Imbalance, Loss of Joy for life, or finding ways to cope with the stressors of everyday life, she can help.  Book a Free 45 Minute Strategy call to find out the best approach to help you. You'll learn to find balance and become empowered to discover and achieve your full potential.

You will learn ways to relax, heal, and tap into your inner resources to create the change you need to live your best life. Her sessions allow the client to be in control of their own journey and to use their own inner resources to bring about change that is both lasting and profound.



January 2021: Stephanie graduated from Orca Institute with a Diploma in Counselling Hypnotherapy
March 2020: Stephanie became certified as a Yin Yoga Instructor
September 2018: Stephanie became certified in Trauma Sensitive Yoga for Youth
June 2000: Stephanie was certified 200 hr Kripalu Yoga Instructor
1996: Stephanie was certified by RAC as a Reflexologist

Have a question? Email me at and I'll get back to you as quick as possible!

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